Expert Introduction

The "Center" brings together a number of domestic and foreign experts in the forging area and forms an international management team. Advanced production and management philosophy has made a tremendous contribution to company’s expansion of domestic and foreign markets and mastering the industry-leading technologies.

  • Director of the Centre

    Zhuang Xiaowei, who was born in December 1975, undergraduate diploma, graduated from Changzhou Polytechnic College, majored in Machinery Manufacturing, senior engineer. In 1999, he entered Wujin Longcheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd. as a technician; in 2003, he served as manager of technology department in Changzhou Longcheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd.; in May 2008, he became the chief engineer and technical director of Jiangsu Longcheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd.. He knows well of automobile generator production process, the technology influence of claw pole to the quality of automobile generator and technology control points during production of claw pole. He has extensive experience in project management, quality management and production management. Director of the Jiangsu Province Auto Parts Precision Forging Engineering and Technology Center also undertook the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Project, the State Torch Program, SME Innovation Fund, the international science and technology cooperation programs and other projects.
    He has successfully developed a total of 20 kinds of generator forged claw poles like SG12, SG15, SG9, TG11, TG15, TG17, FG18, FG23, STARS. Among which SG12 and SG15 generator forged claw poles have won the national key new products. There are three invention patents and two utility and new model patents owning the national authorization.

  • Deputy director of the center

    Wang Leigang,who was born in September 1963, Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of Materials Forming and Control Engineering Department. Director of China Plastic Engineering Society, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Province Forging Association, Executive Director of Mold Design Committee branch of Mechanical Design, Senior Member of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, Member of Materials Forming and Control Discipline Education Committee of China Education Association of Machinery Industry. The main research directions: Precision Plastic Forming, tooling CAD / CAE / CAM, Plastic Processing Tribology.
    The main research results: he successively hosted and carried out more than ten national and provincial projects, including six National Natural Science Funds: (1) Design Theory and Method Research of Ceramic Extrusion Die; (2) Microscopic Tribological Properties Research of Metal Extrusion Process; (3) Design Theory and Method Research of the Whole Wallboard Extrusion Mold; (4) Precision Forming Mold Elastic - Plastic Contact Friction and Wear Microscopic Mechanism and Wear Control; (5) Mechanism and Methods Study of Microdevices of Warm Extrusion Forming Based on Laser Heating; (6)Basic Theoretical Study of Precision Micro-Volume Forming under Ultra-high Stress-strain Ratio. He published more than 100 papers, applied for 6 invention patents and earned 4 items of Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Prize.

  • Overseas experts

    Mr. Nicolas, Executive Deputy General Manager, Director of Technology and Business, Master Degree. He graduated from the University of Australia and has rich experience of international projects, international marketing management, quality management and production management. He has brought in advanced project management methods, phased project management procedures and project risk and effect evaluation program such as QAPP, PPAP, FMEA, CONTROL PLAN and numerous quality management philosophy and quality tools such as SPC, 5W2H, PDCA and so on. He helped to enhance Longcheng’s management level as to match with multinational enterprises and made Longcheng’s overseas markets expand from 2% to 20%. Automobile generator claw pole projects under his research were honored as "Changzhou Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize", "Wujin District Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize", "Changzhou Science and Technology Cooperation Award", himself was awarded as "Changzhou Honorary Citizen "," Wujin District Honorary Citizen".

  • Overseas Technical Advisor

    Mr.Francis, Frenchman, was born in 1952. He has been in charge of technology and quality management in France Ateliers Thome-Genot for many years. In 2007, he was employed by our company to be responsible for increasing the technology of precision forging die. Since Francis came to our company, the following issues have been solved.
    1. Shift production has been increased from 2200 to 3000, with a 36 percent increase over the past.
    2. The assembly method of mold loop and mold core is thermal loop press-fit with the amount of interference 0.25 ~ 0.3mm. Under the natural condition, the mold loop will have a dimensional shrinkage resulting in compressive stress.