Results Promotion

The "Center" has a strong self-dependent development capability and the annual investment in R & D accounted for more than 4% -5% of its sales. It completes more than 100 new products development and technological innovation projects every year, meanwhile 50 national patents have been declared, 35 of which have been authorized as the national patents, and the remaining patents are at approval stage. One industry standard of forged claw pole and two corporation standards have been set. The "Center" gives all out to accelerate the development speed and actively promote the product industrialization process.

Promote the development of automotive parts, rail transportation industry as well as other related forging industries in China and the world. Promote the process of transforming traditional industries with new technology.
Extend the development of technology and industry of this field both in China and foreign countries.
It is conducive to gather and form a team of scientific and technical personnel in the relevant fields.
It can promote the building of Chinese auto parts research base and production base, enable the batch products to achieve economic scales, and develop a number of high-tech products.
Auto parts generator forged claw pole not only has a broad market prospect, but also is a high value-added product with substantial economic benefits.
After the formation of Jiangsu Province Auto Parts Precision Forging Engineering and Technology Research Center, it not only greatly improves the company's own capabilities of research and development, technical level and management level, while during the implementation process of localization and industrialization of the product, through technical cooperation, joint development, corporation reconstruction and other forms, with the integration of effective resources in the province and the city, but also drives the progress of related business.
From the perspective of industry, Chinese forging industry has been a bottleneck restricting economic development due to the relatively backward technology which has a large gap compared with foreign advanced technology. With the establishment of the "center", the technology progress in this area not only change the backward state of the domestic forging industry, but also break the monopoly of foreign technology, making this industry rapidly develop to be the pillar industry of the national economy.
After the implementation of the new high-end automobile generator parts, rail transportation forgings and small forgings developed by "Engineering Technology Research Center", it will have an interactive effect among province automotive industry, rail vehicle manufacturers and similar enterprises and form the overall effect of the forging area led by "Engineering and Technology Research Center".