Cooperation & Communication

As one of the world's largest automobile generator forged claw pole manufacturers, the company has established a long-term partnership with foreign automobile generator manufacturers which are multinational Top 500 enterprises. The "center" has also made production-study-research cooperation with many domestic universities. Constantly absorbing foreign advanced technology and the increasing strength of the domestic technology help the company to maintain its leading position in the industry.

Production-study-research CooperationSince 2006, the company has established production-study-research cooperation with the Shanghai Jiaotong University, University of Jiangsu, Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical, Changzhou Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Changzhou Mechanical and Electrical College and other institutions of higher learning.
In 2009, the company built Jiangsu Province Auto Parts Precision Forgings Engineering Research Center with University of Jiangsu. The "Center" made breakthrough of the development bottleneck and digged into more sophisticated forging technology.
Since 2010, the company has been in cooperation with the German EMAG to conquer the technology of automatic CNC machining, which enables automatic equipments fully operational.
In 2012, the company established the industry standards together with China Forging Association and Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical, making standards of forged claw pole officially reach a new milestone.
In 2013, the company has been in cooperation with the Changzhou Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology for development and demonstration applications of the robot.
In 2014, the company carried out a comprehensive cooperation.with the Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical for the High Pressure Common Rail System project.
Foreign CooperationIn 2006, the company signed the VIP (Best Partner) agreement with the French Valeo to become the only global VIP forging parts supplier of Valeo.
In 2010, our company reached an agreement with Japanese Sawafuji Motor Company for the first time. After several assessments and reviews, Longcheng entered into the Japanese market.
From year 2011 to 2013, Longcheng was honored for three consecutive years to be Bosch’s APAC preferred supplier.