Facility Platform

In 2009, “Jiangsu Province Auto Parts Precision Forging Engineering Center” was built.
In 2012, “Jiangsu Province Technology Center” was built.
In 2014, “Jiangsu Province engine components Near-net Forming Engineering Center” was built.
The "Center" builds a R & D platform of 2,000 square meters. Technology Center is dedicated to high-end technology within the industry to ensure that research and development capabilities maintain a global leader, providing a full range of support for the company's technology research and product development.

Platform ConstructionAuto Parts Generator Claw Pole Research and Development Office
Rail Transportation Precision Forgings Research and Development Office
Small Shaped Precision Forgings Research and Development Office
Nonferrous Metal Forgings Research and Development Office
High Pressure Common Rail System Research Office
Automotive Chassis Systems Research Office
Equipment IntroductionThe company now has 806 sets of domestic and foreign production equipment and 32 sets of inspection equipment. Among which there are 28 production lines of Taiwan 1000 tons, 1300 tons and 1600 tons high-speed hot forging mechanical press, 36 EMAG automatic production lines introduced from Germany, 5 LGMAZAK automatic production lines imported from Japan, and 2 Korean coordinate detectors. The total equipment investment is up to 150 million Yuan.
Inspection ConditionChemical Analysis Lab
Metallographic Lab
Performance Test Lab
The "Center" is equipped with instruments, equipments and infrastructure required to carry out research, development and pilot tests (industrial tests). With more investment being put to product technology development, the company owns R & D facilities and inspection equipments worth of 15 million Yuan, including the advanced Mitutoyo projector introduced from Japan, Italian  Marposs detector, Korean CMM, balancing tester, steel chemistry analyzer etc. A large number of sophisticated equipments effectively guarantee the quality of the product.