Science Research

The "Center" researches and develops the first-class forging products among the industry with advanced technology innovation. Utilizing the most advanced domestic and overseas technology of auto parts forgings, not only shortens the technology development cycle, but also improves the accuracy of the design, and provides a strong guarantee of enhancing the reliability of the product.

Further enhance the manufacturing level of the basic components to promote the development of the automotive, aerospace, rail transportation, machinery and other relevant industries.
Accelerate the improvement of technology of precision forgings and enhance the technical content to meet the needs of the domestic market.
Establish an Engineering and Technology Research Center which is domestic leading and reaching the international level of research and development of similar products.
Cultivate and gather a technology talent team which combines the scientific research, design and product development, technology management and industrialization exploitation.
On the basis of imported technology and self-dependent innovation, according to market needs, constantly organize the technological breakthrough team to solve significant technical issues in the field of precision forgings and provide related enterprises in the province with the necessary industry technology.
Ensure the normal production of existing batch products, at the same time develop new products similar to the existing products and deeply carry out the technical innovation to make existing products with better technology, lower cost and higher quality.
Complete the development and industrialization of rail transportation forgings, filling the gaps in the domestic market and replacing the import.
Complete the development and industrialization of High Pressure Common Rail System, filling the gaps in the domestic market and replacing the import.